ETHtx Minters

Finance the Network and Mint ETHtx

ETHtx Minters control the rate of ETHtx supply increase and the rate of collateralization on the weiWard platform. As Minters receive the majority share of weiWard network fees, Minters are incentivized to provide favorable collateralization ratios that allow users to benefit from using the weiWard AMM.

During periods of under-collateralization, weiWard users will experience reduced tradeability, which will discourage users from transacting with ETHtx tokens. Thus, Minters - during periods of under-collateralization - are incentivized to mint more ETHmx tokens, mint more ETHtx tokens, add more ETH to the the AMM, and create more favorable redemption prospects for ETHtx users - all of which is assumed to be proportional to weiWard network use.

Minters are the gatekeepers of the weiWard platform, actively managing the collateralization rate of the platform in an effort to create optimal platform experience for both Users and Minters.

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