Fair Launch

We have intentionally designed weiWard in a way that precludes advantages for early investors. weiWard is intended as an Ethereum community public utility and does not exhibit advantages for investors or the team. weiWard is openly accessible to the entirety of the Ethereum community and does not exhibit privileges for any single participant. weiWard is intended as an Ethereum public utility, where any member of the Ethereum community can gain exposure to the network equitably and with the knowledge that their stake in the network isn't subject to highly concentrated, below-market-value tokens.

weiWard's native token ETHtx will not exist, even after deployment to the Ethereum main network, until an Ethereum community member mints the first ETHtx tokens; there is no premine; there is no presale; the tokens do not exist - at all - until the Ethereum community decides to make them.

The weiWard team is compensated exclusively by the transaction fees taken from ETHtx transactions. If the platform fails, the team receives no more funding. If the project gains adoption, the team will continue to receive funding.

The team believes we should not receive funding if we are not creating value. We will continue to deliver and grow the weiWard project in tandem with the other stakeholders, as our compensation is explicitly tied to network use and reacts in real time to the demand for ETHtx tokens.

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