Building Liquidity

The market price-matched ratio of ETH: ETHtx held by weiWard will be contributed on DEXs and act as locked liquidity. As LPs earn 2.0% of all transactions utilizing the ETHtx token, this locked liquidity serves as a yielding position for the weiWard platform. All rewards collected from the weiWard LP positions are allocated back to the weiWard AMM to create a buoyancy for the collateralization rate for the weiWard platform, which is proportional to the usability of the platform. The weiWard team receives no rewards from the weiWard LP positions; the entirety of the ETH rewards generated by the weiWard LP positions are contributed in the AMM at regular intervals in an effort to improve collateralization rates.

See the Scaling Locked Liquidity Section for more details.

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